1. Safe And Reliable E-Mailing Advice - Never Send Passwords By E-mail

Recently there have been a few e-mails sent to clients at Malawi SDNP and at other service providers asking users to confirm their identity by sending usernames and passwords via e-mail. Malawi SDNP would like to advise clients that it is NEVER safe to send your username and password by e-mail or by phone to anyone.

You are advised not to reply to such e-mails and never to send your password by e-mail. Just delete such e-mails. Any Malawi SDNP request to update your account will be signed by a Malawi SDNP staff member with his or her direct name. You can always follow up such a request with a telephone call to confirm.

Malawi SDNP policy is that we only accept an update on your password from you if you send us a hard copy signed request such as by fax or hand delivery. Remember that your username and your password are valuable resources and that is why people will go to such extraordinary effort to get them from you, guard them well.

Dr P. Nyirenda
Malawi SDNP Coordinator

2. Telephone Numbers:
Blantyre : +265-(0)-1-874 979 / (0)-882 089 166 / (0)-999 888 461
Lilongwe : +265-(0)-1-756 657
Mzuzu : +265-(0)-1-310 962

3. Fax
+265-(0)-1-873 944

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